Member Schools

The Academy at Charlemont (Charlemont, MA)

The Bush School (Seattle, WA)

The Calhoun School (New York, NY)

Commonwealth-Parkville School (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Emma Willard School (Troy, NY)

Germantown Friends School (Philadelphia, PA)

Halstead High School (Halstead, KS)

Kinkaid School (Houston, TX)

Maumee Valley Country Day School (Toledo, OH)

Mary Institute Country Day School (St. Louis, MO)

Palmer High School (Colorado Springs, CO)

Pinewood Preparatory School (Summerville, SC)

Pittsford Central High School (Pittsford, NY)

Providence Day School (Charlotte, NC)

The Putney School (Putney, VT)

Quinter High School (Quinter, KS)

Roanoke Community High School (Roanoke, VA)

Rock Point Community School (Rock Point, AZ)

Rutgers Preparatory School (Somerset, NJ)

Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School (Newark, NJ)