The Putney School

Putney, Vermont

General Information

Putney is a rural boarding school of 225 students with a progressive college preparatory academic program, a working farm, a strong arts program, and required jobs for all students.


Students may apply to concentrate on any of the following areas. They will also be expected to be in at least two regular academic classes as recommended by their home schools, except for student visiting during Project Weeks.

Field science program

This program includes classes in Ornithology, Complex Systems, Physiological Ecology, and Conservation Ecology. Courses are available to 11th and 12th graders, and are not offered every semester.

Farm program

Students will participate in wilderness activities, gardening activities, outdoor activities, and daily work in the dairy, small animal, and horse barns. For more information, see the Putney School website here.

Visual and Performing Arts Program

Students may participate in academic and evening classes in the arts.

Project weeks

Project weeks are ten day programs that occur twice a year (December and May) for independent work.  Visiting students may come and participate in one of the projects.  For more information, visit the Putney School website link here.

Living Arrangements and Travel

Network students live in the dormitories with Putney students. Flights should be into Bradley Field in Hartford CT. Putney will arrange transport from there.

School Store Account

Network students need to establish a refundable $300.00 store account for the purchase of class and activity supplies.

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the Network Student Information form and return it to their Network Advisor. Proof of health insurance is required for accepted students. 


Individually arranged throughout the year.  See the School Calendar for vacation dates.

Download this information in PDF format here: PUTNEY.pdf


Advisor Name: Jadihel Taveras
Title: Asst. to the Dean of Students
Phone: (802) 378-6256