Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School Newark, New Jersey

General Information St. Benedict’s Preparatory School (570 boys in grades K-13) lies like an eight-acre oasis in the center of downtown Newark, New Jersey. Many of the teachers are Benedictine monks who live in the monastery on the school grounds. Two-thirds of the students are African-American, and many others were born in foreign countries. St. Benedict’s is committed to the idea that people of different races and backgrounds can live in harmony and even have fun doing so. This is a friendly and zany place which promises Network visitors an experience unlike any they’ve ever had.


Network students can choose one of three options:

The African-American Experience In The City.

Come and take regular courses with our students during the school year.

Spring Projects

Take one of the five-week Spring Projects, descriptions of which are available in early April.

Middle School

Middle school students may participate in a traditional, structured classroom program, which shares facilities with the upper school.

Living Arrangements and Travel

Network exchange students live with the families of St. Benedict’s students. Visits may be arranged to New York City and the New Jersey seashore, each of which is less than an hour’s ride away. Exchange students may also join outdoor and wilderness outings, which are part of the Spring Projects every year. Out-of-pocket expenses may include lunch in the school cafeteria and occasional fees, depending on courses.

Visiting students should fly into Newark Liberty International Airport, only. Other N.Y. airports involve complicated and expensive arrangements.

Students traveling from the Northeast region may also elect to take a train into Newark Penn Station.

Application Procedure

Open to all students, male or female, grades 8-12. Students should fill out the Network Student Information form and return it to the Network Advisor at their home school. 


Individually arranged any time October through April. Spring Projects: May (all month). See the School Calendar for vacation dates.

Download this information in PDF format here: ST BENEDICTS.pdf

Advisor Name: Mike Scanlan
Title: Dean of Administration
Phone: (973) 699-5766