Gredos San Diego (GSD) Schools “We have been given the capacity to transform the World into a better place more than merely contemplate it.” Jose María de Arizmendiarrieta

General Information

GSD is composed of eight K-12 independent cooperative learning and structured campuses located in Madrid since 1985, one in San José, Costa Rica, and one in Pouma, Cameroon (Social Responsibility Project). They all belong to the same group so the campuses follow the same philosophy and basis of our educational project. Altogether, with more than 15,000 pre-K to 12 and vocational dual students between the ages of 0 and 20. GSD offers the Spanish curriculum, IB Diploma (in two of our campuses), and 13 different specialties in Vocational Courses, such as cooking, forestry, mechanical work, IT maintenance, business, and administration, etc.

Global Education

GSD considers internationalization to be one of the key elements of the educational project, trying to teach students how to grow in respect and understanding of other realities and also to get to know more about themselves, their roots, and traditions. Consequently, as bilingual schools in English, GSD promotes relations with English speaking countries such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, South Africa, and the UK. Apart from that, GSD gives their students the opportunity to be educated in the universal values learned from the relation with other communities (France, Germany, Finland, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, China, Indonesia, India, etc). GSD global connections are supported by agreements with more than 100 institutions in 44 different countries, opening borders and taking the GSD project around the world.

Social Responsibility Project

Being an organization highly concerned with social responsibility, GSD joined in 2012 to the UN Global Compact (, a voluntary initiative committed to implementing universal principles to reach the UN Sustainable development Goals. Furthermore, very recently GSD has opened its first “Social School” named GSD International School Cameroon. This is a unique and exceptional educational experience for underprivileged children living in a rural area of this African country, now getting access to the GSD educational experience as a whole.

Living Arrangements and Travel

Network students live in the dormitories with local and international students. Flights should be made into Madrid Barajas Airport. GSD will arrange transportation from there.


Academic year/semester/term at our boarding campus GSD International School in Buitrago. We tailor and customize all programs to each schools´ needs.

  • Spanish Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate (IBDP), and Vocational Training.
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language Course (ELE) + immersion in classroom + activities.
  • Music, Sport, and Art programs. 
  • International bilingual Summer Activities: Football/Culinary/Filmmaking/ Musical-Theater

Application Procedure

Applicants should complete the Network Student Information form and return it to their Network Advisor. Proof of health insurance is required for accepted students. GSD will organize an online interview if necessary.


Individually arrangements throughout the year. See for vacation dates.


Advisor Name:  Raquel Bedoya
Title: Senior Director of Global Development
Phone: +34 609 58 60 20
Advisor Name:  Javier Blázquez
Title: Director of International Activities
Phone: +34 91786 13 47