For Students

If you are interested in participating in a Network program:

Vineland 1. Discuss your interest in Network programs with your parents.

Belovo 2. Speak to the Network advisor at your home school about which Network schools might complement your interests and experiences.

3. Explore the Member Schools listed on our site, read about their programs, and decide which school most appeals to you. You may print out the PDF information sheets for some additional details about each school, including vacation dates when Network programs are not available.

4. Check with coaches or advisors of any extracurricular activities in which you are involved to see if there are dates that you would be unable to participate in a Network program due to another commitment.

5. Request an application form from your home school’s Network advisor and complete it in a timely manner.

6. Upon approval of your application, your advisor will communicate with the host school to arrange a host family (or dorm accommodations in the case of a residential school). Once a host family has been found, you will be put in contact with your host.

7. Travel arrangements should be made in conjunction with your host family, and your parents should speak directly with your host parents both for their peace of mind and to ensure smooth travel.  Travel itineraries must also be approved by both the host and home school advisors prior to purchasing tickets or solidifying plans.

8.Once your exchange arrangements are finalized, you should check in with the teachers/coaches at your home school to see what work you may need to keep up with while away.

While on your exchange: 

1. The Network requires the completion of either a blog or a reflection essay to help you to document and reflect on your experience.  If you elect to keep a blog, you must share the URL with your Network advisor prior to departure and make regular postings, including a posting upon return to your home school that reflects on the experience as a whole.  Reflection essays should be completed within one week of return to your home school and should address aspects of your experience that you found most interesting, surprising, challenging, and enjoyable.  All student blogs and reflections must be shared with host school advisors or posted on the website.

2. Take lots of photos!  Your family would love to see them and the Network wants to share your experience with other students.  At least three photographs should be shared with your Network advisor upon return.

When you return:

1. Write thank you letters to your hosts and anyone who helped to make your Network experience a positive one.

2. If you have elected to type a reflection essay in lieu of keeping a blog, please email a copy to your Network advisor within one week.


“Though the two weeks sped by quickly, I feel my time was enriching and a definite learning and growing experience. I learned things about myself, and a brand new culture just states away.” -Myia B.
“My experience was completely worthwhile, and it really opened my eyes up to the different types of schools there are, and, of course, I made some amazing, lifelong friends.” -Katie M.
“Networking opened my eyes to a new way of schooling, and gave me the opportunity to have an experience that I wouldn’t have been able to have anywhere else.” -Emily G.