About The Network

Who we are…

Lindenwold The Network of Complementary Schools, Inc. is a group of schools that understands the importance of providing students with a diversity of experiences.  By pooling their offerings, these schools present their students with a wider range of quality programs and opportunities. Many of these programs are structured to draw upon a special strength or resource of a particular school and, therefore, focus on a single area of interest.  Other programs simply present students with the opportunity to experience an academic and geographic community different from that of their home school. 

Student Exchanges

São Sebastião do Caí Students from member schools may participate in Network programs for a period of one to three weeks.  During that time, they live with local host families or in school dorms.  While on a Network program, students interact with students from the host school and may meet students from other Network schools as well.

Faculty Exchanges

Faculty at member schools who would like to explore the professional development opportunities provided by the Network should talk with the Network Advisor at their home schools.  Faculty programs typically take place for one to two weeks. A Professional Development grant fund is available to help meet expenses of faculty exchanges.


Families of students participating in Network programs are expected to cover the cost of transportation and spending money, though financial assistance may be available through the Network.